Our product enables you to manage your credentials on your own terms without any reliance on cloud services. This approach effectively eliminates any risks that is associated with centralised storage, such as weak encryption, human error, backdoors, or other issues that commonly affect cloud-based services. Ref: Hackers stole encrypted LastPass password vaults


Our application has a simple premise - Your data is never transmitted outside of the devices you own. And you can verify which services the app connects to in Apple’s own App Privacy Rapport feature in the settings menu of your device.


Our application is self-contained. There is no server that might go down in the future. We have made over 30% of our application code available on our GitHub page. And we pledge to make all of our code open-source if we should ever shift our company strategy from commercial to non-profit. We have also fully automated our deployment and testing infrastructur. This ensures that we can continue to provide our users with a reliable product for years to come.

For inquiries email or social media, such as LinkedIn.

Sincerely, The sentry team.